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The Bonk School is the Discworld equivalent of later German/Austrian philosophers such as Wittgenstein. On Roundworld, the Vienna School is also a collective name used for the emergent psychoanalysts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, such as Freud, Jung and Adler, whose works are often taught in university philosophy departments for want of anywhere less controversial to pigeon-hole them. As Lady Margolotta's librarian Miss Healstether and her blacksmith Herr Fassel conclude in a dialogue:

Stand by, then, because he's discovered the Bonk School!

What's that?
Not that, them. Philosophers. Well, I say philosophers, but, well....
Oh, the mucky ones!

Sample Bonk Scholars and their books, mainly drawn from Unseen Academicals, include:

  • Ofleberger - Die Wesentlichen Ungeweissheiten Zugehörig der Offenkundigen Männlichkeit
  • Trousenblert - Der Selbst uberschritten durch das Ganze
  • Trousenblert (trans. W.E.G. Goodnight) In Search of the Whole (marred by Goodnight's mistranslation of bewusstseinsschwelle as haircut throughout)