Book:The Best of the Discworld Diaries

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The Best of the Discworld Diaries
Co-author(s) Stephen Briggs
Illustrator(s) Paul Kidby
Publisher Goldmann
Publication date July 2012
ISBN 3442477883
Pages 320
RRP £7.18
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

Narren, Diebe und Vampire: Das Beste aus zehn Jahren Schweibenwelt-Kalendern, translated: Fools, Thieves, and Vampires: The best of a decade of Discworld Diaries. One of the splendid miscellany of books about Discworld with no specific novel value, but with background details in that no fan would dream of not knowing, combining all the information from the previous diaries into a single collection.


An indispensable work for any Discworld fan. From 1998-2008 there were published eight Discworld calendars most have long been out of print and are partly coveted collectibles. In addition to the classical calendar this gave the reader a number of original, witty and formerly completely unknown facts and stories about the most interesting residents and institutions of the Discworld. Here they are now re-assembled, together with the unique illustrations by Paul Kidby - an indispensable compendium for each old and new Scheibenweltfan (Discworld fan)


Including artwork and excerpts from:


This book was produced in Germany as a German language exclusive and does not have an English language release. Available in an e-book format. Does not contain information on Diaries released post 2008. This book may be of interest to non-German speakers as it contains artwork produced by Paul Kidby for the diaires, whilst most of the information, but not the art, can be found in other languages reproduced in the Discworld Companion series.