Brother Fingers

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A member of the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night who was later identified by Fred Colon as Bengy "Lightfoot" Boggis, a "capo di monty" of the Thieves' Guild. One of two survivors when the Brethren were terminally dragoned [1], he was the only Brother to survive the whole plot. He may have regretted this when he had to face Vetinari and the Guild executive. He only appears in Guards! Guards!.

He also used to work at Unseen University, and knew his way around the Library there; he was the one who managed to steal Tubal de Malachite's grimoire The Summoning of Dragons, which allowed the Grand Master so to do.

[1] He was out getting pizza when the dragon attacked. He was always sent for the food, because he'd never mastered the art of paying for it.