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Prince Cadram of Klatch is the brother of Prince Khufurah and an all-round son-of-a-dog. During the events of Jingo He engineered the death of his brother (which didn't work thanks to Captain Carrot - he was merely wounded) in an attempt to force Klatch and Ankh-Morpork to go to war over the island of Leshp.

Funny, really, because he seemed to be the one that Ankh could trust - at least according to arch-idiot Lord Rust.

When all his plans were ruined he fled into the deserts of Klatchistan - which is exactly where 71-hour Ahmed was headed. Trailed by an implacable policeman with a rough brand of justice, Cadram's lifespan probably isn't going to be too long.


It is unknown whether or not the brothers Cadram and Khufurah are related to Creosote the Seriph of Al-Khali in Klatch, or are merely royalty in their own right.