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Cedric is the amiable, although not very bright, Chief Torturer employed by Vetinari at the Patrician's Palace. This is in all probability a fairly light job these days with very little actual physical torture to speak of. Although somebody must be responsible for chaining up the occasional over-confident and ill-briefed mime-artist, and dangling them by their ankles over the Scorpion Pit, as well as the routine care and management of the scorpions and deadly venomous serpents that Vetinari keeps on the strength out of respect for tradition. In Raising Steam, Cedric is revealed to have a unique professional fondness for kittens, and collects them specially from the streets of Ankh-Morpork, where there is always an abundance of feral cats, for purposes known only to himself, two other highly placed people in the hierarchy, and whoever is a guest in the dungeons at any particular moment..