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For other characters by the same name see Charlie

Charlie is an animate skeleton who works in the Department of Post-Mortem Communications with Professor Hix. He has been there a long time, and helps both Adora Belle Dearheart and Glenda Sugarbean at critical points in their respective storylines. In his first appearance ( Making Money ) he appears as a voice without a precise description beyond one he gives of himself, as the 'backbone of the department'. He makes a first appearance in the flesh, or perhaps bone, assisting Hicks with replaying the orcish memory on an Omniscope. If Nutt's advice on the future of the Unseen Academicals is taken up, Charlie may well have a bright future ahead of him.

NOT to be confused with Unlucky Charlie the scarecrow from Lancre. Nor indeed with Vetinari's body-double who also has a bright future ahead of him sitting for portraits and attending dull State functions where only the Patrician's presence is called for.