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A possible Assassin, possible Barbarian hero mentioned in The Light Fantastic. Herrena the Henna-Haired Harridan referenced "Cimbar the Assassin" in the same breath as Hrun the Barbarian, as people who like to carouse all night in low bars. Whereas she drew the line at it unless they sold proper drinks in small glasses, preferably with a cherry.

Cimbar is referenced as a barbarian hero (or, at least, alongside other barbarian heroes), so we could conclude that he is indeed a barbarian hero. The problem is that he calls himself "the Assassin", and the use of the capital "A" is a strong indicator that he's a real Assassin. He could be a barbarian hero trained as an Assassin, or just one who calls himself that- which makes you wonder what the real Assassins think about him. Likewise, he could just be an Assassin who enjoys a good party with barbarian heroes...