Creator (of the Continent XXXX)

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The Creator of XXXX is described as Black as the Night Sky and carries the whole universe in his sack (which means he's in there too, and so on). His calling card are Kangaroos, which he creates on all the Worlds he adds to. Yes, adds to. He goes around to worlds that are already created, sticking more creations on a patch where nobody notices. In this case, he added a continent in a big patch of sea. Since the world had already been created before he came by, there wasn't much spare raw space-time left for him to work with, but he went on anyway. He creates by speaking and carefully drawing a creature (animal, plant, etc), portraying all stages, all insides and outsides, all motions, and everything about that creature. For drawing, he uses primitive pigments like ochre (clay-iron oxide, reddish, brownish, or yellowish) and charcoal sticks. You could call it the practical application of a bloody localised knuckle of space-time, or you could just call it The Song.

Wherever he goes, the Trickster is usually not far behind.

He never intended the Duck-billed Platypus, by the way: there's a different story behind this.

Appears in: The Last Continent.


Is a melange of the traditional creator-god type from many major religions with aspects of the aboriginal Dreamtime - which makes perfect sense, as XXXX is pretty well analogous to Australia.