Croydon Minimus

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If the Teatime Prize, which honours among other things lateral thinking among young Assassins, had been there in 1687, then this young Assassin would undoubtedly have won it for the most creative and original inhumation that year.

The inhumation weapon still has pride of place in the Guild museum.


The fact that he has the appellation Minimus leads one to the conclusion that he had two older brothers. In English Grammar schools, an inevitable tradition continues to this day. Say a child called Jones arrived at a school, he'd be called Jones. If his younger brother came to join him the older would be Jones Major and the younger would be Jones Minor. If their third brother came along he'd be saddled with the diminutive Minimus.

So Croydon Minimus was probably dead chuffed to be the famousest of all Croydons. The others? Who knows? Did they even graduate from through the Assassins' School?.