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A department store in the Maul in Ankh-Morpork. It appears in Hogfather, where the general manager (Vernon Crumley) is sore distressed at the unscheduled visit of the real Hogfather's sled and its four extremely porcine attendants. A named employee is a put-opon cashier and clerk called Miss Harding, who was on duty one fateful day just before Hogswatch.


A continuity error arises. Hogfather places Crumley's in the Maul. However, The Compleat Ankh-Morpork's Directory of Traders moves it to Furtive Forth Street*(F3). This runs off the Street of Small Gods and while in the same general area, is nowhere near the Maul. Either continuity has failed, or Crumley's, under pressure from rivals like Horrids, Swear and Wells, or Biver's, has had to relocate to less expensive premises. Or possibly Mr. Crumley's business was, in fact, evicted from the premises by the Maul's owners in the wake of an unsanitary Hogswatchnight incident involving boar's urine.

Possibly the Discworld manifestation of Arnold Bros (est. 1905)? Although if this one has Nomes living in the walls and floorspaces, Discworld gnomes would be very apparent, especially in the Wines and Spirits department... although the name also resonates with the famous London toyshop, Hamleys.