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Deacon Cusp
Name Cusp
Race Human
Occupation Part of the Quisition
Physical appearance
Death In the hydraulic system of the Great Doors.
Marital Status
Books Small Gods

Encountered in Small Gods, Deacon Cusp is a skilled and experienced cleric in the Omnian Church. He practices a specialised sort of one-to-one pastoral care, in which he diligently listens to any doubts or inaccurate perceptions of received wisdom, and then takes great care to resolve these little doctrinal errors.

In fact, he works for the Quisition and hasn't got to where he is today without a deep inner vocation to seriously hurt people with the full toolset available to him. Vorbis, for instance, values his ability to know the breaking strain of muscles and sinews. He has his head firmly screwed on, albeit in a cross-threaded sort of way.

He finally dies when flung into the mechanism of the Great Doors of the Citadel, over-borne by the Breath of God which opens the Temple doors. Well... the lesser Truth encapsulated in the greater one is that Cusp is horribly mangled in the hydraulic mechanism after being knocked, by Urn, into the shaft housing a descending counterbalance weight. Which weighs several tons. It seems like someone was expecting the Omnian Quisition...