Dagon Street

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Dagon Street is mostly famous for the Three Jolly Luck takeaway fish bar. The small street connects Welcome Soap and Rime Street on the Morpork side, near the River Ankh. The fish bar was built on the site of an old temple.


There is a Roundworld fish god called Dagon, who is half man, half fish. You can find more about him on Wikipedia and in the APF.

Dagon is not the sort of god that fishermen pray and make offerings to in the hopes of getting a good catch. He is the sort of Fish God that fish pray and make offerings to, in the hope of not being caught...

Looked at in this context, opening up a fish and chip shop on Dagon Street could be viewed as something of a provocation, by the Supernatural Entity the street is named after....

Stating the obvious, opening the said fish and chip shop on the former site of the temple of the fish protector can be said as adding insult to injury.