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The enfante terrible of the Ankh-Morpork cultural establishment. Her seminal work Don't Talk To Me About Mondays caused a stir when first exhibited at the Royal Art Museum.

To the uninitiated eye, it takes the form of a plinth piled high with rags. However, Sir Reynold Stitched, the gallery's curator, takes the point of view that it is literalleah priceless, which is quite possibly true whichever way you care to look at it.

He is keen to ensure nobody moves any of the rags, which Ms.Pouter has very artistically arranged just so. She apparently has a very sharp tongue on her.

Vetinari in his role as Patron of the Arts ordered that Ms Pouter be nailed by the ear to a convenient stake upon viewing the work. However, she managed to pull herself free by the afternoon, and the stake with a nail in it, now entitled Freedom, has won several major artistic awards and is on sale for $AM30,000. The artist has plans to have herself nailed to various other things in order to create a very exciting exhibition. Whether Vetinari will oblige by sending a man round with a hammer and nails is yet to be seen. It may be inferred that the Patrician's critical attitude to the challenging world of modern conceptual art is not far removed from his attitude towards street theatre and mime artists.

Daniellarina may be the daughter, or other significant female relative, of the William Pouter who painted a more conventional portrait of Vetinari and Wuffles, entitled Man With Dog.

She appears, in a minor supporting role, in the book Thud!

She may have moved her base to a city where her ears are in no danger of being nailed to anything. The principal art gallery in Quirm boasts a piece of modern conceptual art called Avant Gourd, depicting a messy unmade bed piled high with melons, canteloupes, pumpkins, butternuts, et c. In Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook, the authoress describes this as a lamentable and deplorable misuse of foodstuffs.


Although there seems to be no obvious punning reference, play on words or other association between the names "Daniellarina Pouter" and that of the real-life Roundworld conceptual artiste Tracey Emin, we are surely in the same general territory here. This is where what a Reynold Stitched might consider to be cutting-edge modern art could be viewed more critically by those of us who lack that rigorous training in art appreciation, that would enable us to perceive the quality and excellence of the objet d'art presented for public viewing.

Tracey Emin is the woman who entered her unmade bed in a major art exhibition... and won prizes and critical acclaim for it. Perhaps we require training to view a randomly piled and scattered assortment of bedlinen and dirty underwear as great art. Ms Emin is also notable for her forthright opinions and what might be suspected to be a deliberately provocative and confrontational attitude when interviwed.

The association between Don't Talk To Me About Mondays and Tracey Emin's bed is indeed circumstantial and inferential, but Terry Pratchett has painted a word-picture here that speaks for itself and is worth a thousand words!

Emin's Bed:- [1]

Another possible reference may be to the Roundworld musician Daniel Powter. However, aside from their names, there do not appear to be similarities in character between the two.