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This article is about the character. For the book of the same name, see Dodger.
Name Jack Dodger (formerly Pip Stick)
Race Human
Age 16 - 17
Occupation Tosher
Physical appearance
Residence Seven Dials, London
Parents none
Relatives adoptive "uncle" Solomon Cohen
Marital Status Single, for the moment
Books Dodger

Dodger grew up for a while in a London orphanage. When the teasing and bullying became too much, Dodger lashed out, felt good about dishing out his vengeance - after which he was dumped on to the mean streets of 19th century London.

Where he not only survived, but prospered. Dodger became a *geezer*, someone who knows everyone, knows how to get things done, understands how to swim in a sea full of sharks.

Dodger's principal profession for many years was as a tosher - one who scours the sewers for lost coinage and other treasures. He moonlighted as a snakesman (a small lad who squeezes through windows in order to help burgle buildings) and a petty thief, but one who never employed violence, and one who had never, ever, been before the beak.

Dodger was named King of the Toshers when the previous monarch, Grandad, perished in the aftermath of a storm surge in the sewers. He knew every inch of the London sewer system, so much so that he chose to fight his climactic battle in those sewers. Dodger did not worship a traditional deity, but rather the Lady of the Sewers. As he learns, though, among a certain niche the Lady had as much of a tradition behind her as God himself.

After he rescued Simplicity from evil captors, and then serendipitously foiled a robber and then a 'orrible murderer, Dodger rose quickly through the social castes of London, ending up in association with the highest levels of society.