Dom Sabalos

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Dom Sabalos
Name Dominickdaniel Sabalos
Race Human
Occupation Chairman of the Board of Directors of Widdershins
Physical appearance Green skin
Residence The Planet Widdershins
Death Assassination
Parents John Sabalos III (father) Vian Sabalos (mother)
Relatives Keja (sister), Joan Sabalos (grandmother), First Sirian Bank (godfather)
Children none
Marital Status unmarried
Books The Dark Side of the Sun

The central character and protagonist of The Dark Side of the Sun.

Dominickdaniel Sabalos was born into a life of ease and privilege as heir apparent to the Sabalos Family fortunes. He is son of John Sabalos III and Lady Vian of Earth and has a sister Keja. He has dark skin and a bald head up until he is inconveniently assassinated (by being sucked through a one micron hole) on the day of his ascension to the role of Chairman.

Resurrected to discover the process of giving him a new body has turned his skin from black to green, he is spurred to go on a mission into the galaxy to discover the secrets of the Jokers, one of the Galaxy's older and now extinct races...


The first John Sabalos was one of the first settlers on Widdershins, a very lucky man. He discovered the properties of pilac, a natural death-immunity drug without the usual drawbacks, and became rich. He died at the age of 301.

His son, John II, was a wastrel. By chance he discovered the googoo which duplicated cells (it arrived as a green slime mould that grew on a rare fruit imported from the planet Third Eye). He bought the Cheops pyramid from Earth and had it moved one piece at a time to Widdershins. He then tried to purchase Luna but was replaced by his daughter Joan I.

Her son, John III, was a brilliant P-Mathematician. He was married off to Vian, an Earth-noblewoman. He vanished in the marshes shortly after the birth of his second child, Dom.