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The Dumii are one of the largest tribes on the Carpet, they have their capitol in Ware. They are ruled by Emperors, because you can get rid of them more easily than Kings.

In the past years, the tribe has conquered many parts of the Carpet. They control lands as far to the west as Rug, as far north as the white cliffs of Woodwall and as far south as the Hearthlands. They can be considered bureaucratic in nature, keen on Counting everything. They are also known as builders, they build roads, schools and temples.

They also operate a monetary based economy with coins called "Tarerii" made from Varnish. The Current emperor is Tardon.

Named Dumii

  • Emperor Tardon
  • Bane
  • Mealy
  • General Varerus
  • Owlglass - apothecary
  • Sergeant Careus - 15th Legion


The Dumii appear to have a lot in common with the Roman Empire.