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Random House unites many publishers under one roof. Among the currently 25 publishers are Goldmann, Heyne, Blessing, Blanvalet, Knaus, Luchterhand, Siedler, btb and, of course, C. Bertelsmann.

The following text is a translation of the text found on the webpage of the Verlagsgruppe Random House.

"The start was in 1835 with the founding of the C. Bertelsmann Verlag in Germany. 1968 the 11 publishers owned by Bertelsmann were combined to the Bertelsmann publishing group. Goldmann was bought by Bertelsmann in 1977, Bantam Books in 1980 and Doubleday in 1986. The latter were merged to the publishing house Bantam Doubleday Dell. In 1998 Bertelsmann bought Random House and merged it with Bantam Doubleday Dell under the new name Random House, Inc. The Bertelsmann publishing group has now renamed itself to Verlagsgruppe Random House which includes among others the Random House, Inc."

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