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Heyne has been the German publisher for books written by Terry Pratchett. It is owned by the Verlagsgruppe Random House. Apparently, the recent books are now published in Germany by Goldmann and Piper.

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Heyne Heyne Verlag GmbH published most of Terry Pratchett’s early Discworld titles in Germany, but following an unauthorised advertisement for Maggi soup in the middle of the text of Pyramids, he moved to Goldmann Verlag, part of Bertlesmann Group, now renamed Randomhouse Verlagsgruppe.

In 2001 Heyne Verlag was bought by Ullstein Econ List (owned by Springer Group) and became Ullstein Heyne List. In 2003 Springer and Randomhouse Verlagsgruppe agreed terms for their acquisition of Ullstein Heyne List, subject to approval by the German monopolies committee. Approval was given on the condition that Random House sold off the Heyne fantasy list and this was acquired by Piper, causing unforeseen contractual complications for them. (Other parts of the Heyne list remained with Random House.)

Random House also divested itself of the Ullstein, Econ, List and Marion von Schroder imprints to Piper’s owner, Bonnier. Piper have since published the Science of Discworld series, and have been reissuing all the titles originally published by Heyne under their imprint. New Random House titles are normally published under their Manhattan imprint.