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A long-lost city in the Klatchian desert. Pyramids locates it in the Great Nef desert and the Mapp shows it near the center of the desert about a thousand miles rimward of the Circle Sea. Maps of the area are unreliable, however; it's the Lost city, after all. the famous theological showdown known as The Convocation of Ee took place here in The Year of the Scrofulous Vole. A lost city answering this basic description - at least, it had a temple to Ur-Gilash - was rediscovered by Brutha, Om and Vorbis during the latter stages of Small Gods. However, other authorities cited in The Compleat Discworld Atlas place the location of Ee in the centre of the Great Nef desert. Debate continues.

Om blamed the reason for its having been abandoned on goats, the only creature that can take a semi-fertile savannah and by eating everything that grows and is green faster than it can be replenished, turn it into an uninhabitable desert.