Effie King

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Lady Euphemia King
Name Euphemia "Effie"/"The Duchess" King
Race Human
Occupation Wife
Physical appearance
Residence The Scours, Ankh-Morpork
Relatives a grandson & grandaughter
Children daughters Daphne and Herminone
Marital Status Married to Harry King
Books The Truth, Raising Steam
Cameos The Truth, Raising Steam

To provide her full name and title, Lady Euphemia King, wife of recycling magnate Sir Harry King. A most proper lady, who is distressed by inappropriate or demotic language. Her spouse therefore takes very great care not to use it where she can hear it.

She insisted the new railway company incorporate the phrase Hygienic in its title as this sounded more respectable. She also insisted all trains contain lavatory facilities as this was only fit and proper and correct. However, she doesn't appear to have, er, followed through on the logic. She has not asked where or how, on those 1,200 miles of express track linking Ankh-Morpork to Überwald, the onboard privies evacuate their contents. Sir Harry, Dick Simnel and Moist von Lipwig conspire to keep the truth - concerning not using the facility while the train is standing in the station - away from her. Well away from her.

She was, however, dissuaded from having Monsieur Bidet's patent hygienic invention installed on the trains. Well - maybe on the Quirm line...