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Mentioned in Pyramids, this is presumably Elenor's hometown, at least according to Copolymer, the world's greatest storyteller. Given Copolymer's memory for details, however, this isn't necessarily 100% accurate.

Smale and Elharib were at war over religion for two hundred years, owing to a typographical error in the holy book of their mutual god. The conflict ended ten years before the events of Jingo, when both sides ran out of rocks. Despite this technical truce the squabble between the two nations rumbles on, with the Elharibians spending their time stealing Smalian goats, Smalian camels, and if goats or camels are too well guarded, making do with stealing Smalian women. The smalie tribesmen return the compliment.

Such villages and settled towns as exist can be found along the banks of the upper Djel. The nearest thing to a capital is the walled city of Harib.