Esme Weatherwax (championship variety)

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Also nurtured by peerless Lancre horticulturalist Percy Hopcroft, this was the way in which he evaded accusations of slighting local witch Esmerelda Weatherwax. In The Sea and Little Fishes, Percy has named a championship-winning variety of apple after Gytha Ogg, whose subsequent boasting has incurred the ire and brooding discontent of Granny Weatherwax.

Belatedly aware of having roused her simmering wrath - apropos of nothing, she has given him a hair-restoration potion which turns out to work only too well - Percy makes amends with a grovelling letter of apology for whatever it is he's done that's annoyed her.

It reads: "Dear Misƒtresƒ Weatherwax,

I would be moƒt grateful if you would let me name thiƒ new championƒhip variety Eƒme Weatherwax. Yours in hopefully good health,

Percy Hopcroft"

This note was found attached to the second of two sacks anonymously left on Granny's back doorstep. The first contained a large cheese; the second, a selection of Percy's best onions.

And thus was harmony restored in Lancre...