Eumenides Treason

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Miss Treason
Name Eumenides Treason
Race Human
Age 111
Occupation Witch
Physical appearance Old, scary, black blindfold, pearly grey eyes, long white hair, 2 walking sticks
Residence Ramtops
Death During Wintersmith
Marital Status
Books Wintersmith

Miss Treason was a very well respected witch. Not liked, but respected. She was a force of Justice in her local community, giving judgements in many local disputes. She was unable to keep apprentices long; this probably had something to do with her windows being grimy, her walls being black, and each corner being full of spider's webs, as well as using other people as a mirror by looking out of their eyes. She knew "the secret of Boffo", which was actually just her way of inspiring respect. As found out by her last apprentice, Tiffany Aching, Boffo's was a joke shop in Ankh-Morpork, where she bought a considerable amount of "traditional" witching equipment. She was the subject of a considerable number of rumours. It appears that she started most of them herself.

She wore a heavy iron clock on her belt, which went clonk-clank instead of tick-tock: She could tell the time by feeling the clock hands, though locals believed the clock was her replacement heart and she could not die as long as the clock kept going. She also owned a broomstick, with two smaller broomsticks stuck on the back like training wheels. She could also speak Feegle. Miss Treason was known to be skilled at borrowing, which allowed her to compensate for going blind at 60 and deaf at 75 by using the eyes and ears of various animals. She was noted to have used a jackdaw, mice, owls, and near her death two ravens that sat on her shoulders.

Her death occurred at age 111, though she gave it as 113, worrying the former sounded a bit too cutesy (not unlike a certain hobbit...)


Miss Treason shares her daunting reputation and given name (as well as the latter's deliberately incongruous meaning) with certain mythological Roundworld justiciars - though in Miss Treason's case, it is the reputation and not the meaning of the name that proves more artificial.