Extremelia Mume

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The High Priestess of Anoia, Goddess Of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers (also considering handling stuck zippers) in Her temple in Ankh-Morpork.

Until Moist von Lipwig was struck by the divine light and was led by She Who Gets Things Unstuck to a small fortune, thought to have been buried by the deceased confidence trickster Albert Spangler prior to his demise, the Reverend Mume was a jobbing part-time priestess who handled the earthly affairs of Anoia, plus several dozen other minor deities, from an office-cum-shrine above a bookies' office in Cable Street. Things are so hard in the small gods business that she has to work as a barmaid in order to make ends meet.

As a suitable thank-you to the Goddess for Her divine intervention and the answer to his prayers that enabled him to rebuild the Post Office after an unfortunate accident involving a naked flame and thirty years backlog of undelivered mail, Moist's personal mentor in ethical and spiritual matters directed him to reward the earthly representatives of the deities invoked with a quarter-tithe of $AM 12,500 each.

Once word of Moist's amazing gift from the gods got around, Ms Mume hung a giant banner outside the office in Cable Street. It read "It could be YOU". This paraphrases the UK National Lottery, founded in 1994, whose initial catchprase was exactly "It could be you!"

The Rev. Mume, when next encountered in Making Money at Moist's trial for grand theft, has evidently gone up in the world: her robes and regalia are expensive and brand-spanking new, and her gilded spatula of office, together with the sacerdotal head-dress of cutlery, gleam brightest among the crowd. Anoia has by then wordlessly demonstrated to Moist that "she owes him": indeed, the publicity generated by the miraculous Gods-given cash has expanded her following, and no doubt the Temple has moved to larger and better premises so that She may be appropriately honoured. And Her earthly representative must also feel relieved that she no longer has to pull pints to make ends meet...