Filigree Street

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Filigree Street follows the river one block up the bank from the Patrician's Palace and Widdershins Broad Way at the foot of the Brass Bridge rimward to Cheapside at the foot of the Contract Bridge.

Mentioned in The Colour of Magic and best known as the location of The Mended Drum. It is also as the location of the Assassins' Guild and School. God Street runs parallel to it, and this leads you round to the forbidding front door and official entrance of the Guild of Fools, Joculators and Mime Artists. Using the direct route via the thin party wall separating the two Guilds is frowned upon and ends in tears, so it is best to take the long walk round.

Other institutions, such as the Teachers' Guild, also have premises on Filigree Street.

Filigree is delicate metalwork used for jewellery, etc.

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