Five-Headed Vampire Goat

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A possibly unique animal in the Skund region. An endangered species, made even more so by the attentions of Truckle the Uncivil. The calling of barbarian hero is not what it used to be; people actually complained to Truckle, from a conservationist viewpoint. The Compleat Discworld Atlas tells us they still exist, although their habitat doesn't so much shrink, as move away faster than they can keep up.


Fortean Times, the weird things magazine, regularly features "cryptozoology" in its pages, carefully presenting the evidence for and against there being large unknown animals out there that we haven't conclusively identified, that logic says should not be there, but pesky people persist in seeing them and finding (circumstantial) evidence pointing to there being something out there. If there's nothing there and I'm imagining it, the argument goes, then what's eating my sheep and goats then, hey? If there isn't a Loch Ness Monster, explain the photos and the flipper-prints... and if there's no such thing as a Yeti, why do people climbing Everest keep seeing them and even clock their footprints in the snow, tell me that, eh!

Such a crypto-beast is the chupacabras, or "goat-vampire", reputed to inhabit Mexico and Central America. As Skund itself is an area whose existence is doubtful and which shifts around the map a lot, Brigadoon-style, the reference compounds itself...

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