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Herr Frugal is the author of the philosophical work Das Nichts des Wissens. (The nothingness of knowledge/ the void of wisdom) in which he famously declared

Ich kann mich nicht genau erinnern, aber es war so etwas wie eine Vanillehaltige süsse Nachspeisenbeigabe

(I can't quite remember but it was something like a vanilla flavoured sweet dessert addition)

Although, as Mr Nutt pointed out, he was on medication at the time. This is analogous to Roundworld's pragmatic psychologist/philosopher William James, who experimented with hallucinogenic drugs; during one hallucination, he thought he had made a major philosophical breakthrough. When he sobered up, he looked at the phrase and found he had written, “Everything has a Petroleum-like smell.”

Rather than admit that the thoughts he had on drugs were meaningless, he concluded that the brilliance of the phrase could only be appreciated if one were in a drug induced state.