Gahoolie the Vase of Tulips

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Another of the (transient) constellations of Discworld astrology. It is the final star constellation, of the thirteenth house. It is noteworthy in its psychological effects, as all who are foolhardy enough to behold it suffer a great commotion in their brain. When (and if) their senses return, they will only be able to recount that they saw what, after a while, seemed to be a huge vase of tulips. Wise men and sages say that this is but the dread remains of a vision so powerful, so eldritch, so oblong, that the mind of man is not tempered to behold it. No spell cast within its boundary will succeed, nor prophecy made upon its boundary prevail.

That's proper astrology, that is.


Hmm, this evokes a small vase of petunias plummeting through space to shatter on the inhospitable surface of the dead planet Magrathea, nearby to the smoking and liquifying remains of a large sperm whale. (Or perchance an elephant?) And the thought going through the mind of the vase of petunias... Oh, no. Not Again!

But this of course baloney, as there are no folklore memories of the world riding through space on the back of giant whale-at least not until Doctor Who did it...