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A large wolf who appears in The Fifth Elephant, and one who is a (potential) rival with Carrot for Angua's heart. He is the leader of an Uberwaldean wolf pack, and commands quite a lot of respect in the canine community. For one thing, he has the power to protect Angua, Carrot and Gaspode from the other wolves. Although his 'dog name' isn't Gavin, he once ate someone called that (not all of him, but just enough to prevent him from setting wolf traps).

Gavin used his status in wolf hierarchy to prevent the wolves from attacking Angua when she fell in a pit trap before she came to Ankh-Morpork, and ever since he has had a soft spot for her. He even came into the city- by timber wagon, when necessary- to warn Angua about the business in Uberwald.

He died trying to save Carrot from Wolfgang, or, at least, he died using the Marquis of Fantailler's rules.