Gilbert the Stupid

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A Fool in the service of Eorle Picric of NoThingfjord, who one day slipped on a mutton bone in the longhouse and lost his grip on the custard pie he was carrying, whose destiny was not to be eaten, but rather to make contact with the face of the eorl.

Gilbert therefore has the same sort of place in the iconography of Foolery as "Fingers" Mazda does for the Thieves, for he is the man who invented the custard pie joke. Students of Foolish history still make the long pilgrimage to Nothingfjord to stand and be reverent at the graves of Gilbert, which, owing to Picric's curious lack of a sense of humour, are dotted around the place, some of them in almost inaccessible places.

Various remnants of age-old pastry and filling are preserved in the Fools' Guild museum, purporting to be the last remains of the very first custard pie.