Gimlet's Hole Food Delicatessen

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The dwarf restaurant owned by Gimlet Gimlet, located in Cable Street, Ankh-Morpork. Nowadays, it also caters to trolls, the proprietor having realised that discrimination should never stand in the way of profit. The owner recently opened another restaurant by the name of Yo Rat!

During Feet of Clay there was a major scandal at the restaurant when a dwarf was taken ill with arsenic poisoning, while this indirectly led to the discovery of how the Patrician was being poisoned, it also led to the Dwarfs discovering that following a rat shortage Gimlet had been creating fake rats from various cuts of other animals, including - iniquitously - steak and chicken.

The Restaurant survived the scandal and continues to trade.

The menu includes, at the time of Soul Music:

Dwarf food:

  • Dwarf Bread
  • Fried rat (best in the city)
  • Soya rat (vegetarian)
  • Pizza "Quatre rodenti" (with newts and chillies)
  • Pizza "Klatchian Hots" (with salami)

Troll food:

  • Five types of coal
  • seven types of coke and ash
  • sediments to make you dribble
  • Pizza "Four Strata" (with pitchblende)