God of the Month

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This is an active consumer comparison-shopping group in which Berenice Houser of the Ankh-Morpork Times is active.

The idea is to sample different Gods for no longer than a month at a time and report back, in the manner of Roundworld's "Which" magazine, on which has been most efficacious at filling that yawning spiritual void, answering prayers, performing miracles, et c.

Except for Om, who famously said in Scripture "Thou shalt not subject thy God to comparison shopping!" , it is unknown as to what the Gods think of this. Doubly unfortunate, as Om is a God the Club is known to have tried.

But just as TV "Book of the Month" clubs hosted by Oprah Winfrey in the USA, and by Richard and Judy in the UK, are known to make or break books, with publishers watching anxiously to see what is said about their latest release, any media-savvy deity would be wise to pay attention and go for good PR, so as to get bums on pews and get that all-important belief flowing their way...

By extension, Club membership appears to consist of anxious but still hopeful middle-aged women of a certain respectability who appear to be praying with the same goal in mind ie, a swift end to their spinsterhood.