Golem Trust

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The Golem Trust buys Golems from their owners, and the bought Golems then buy their freedom from the Trust at cost. The freed Golems then work to contribute money to the Trust to buy other owned Golems. Adora Belle Dearheart runs the Golem Trust office, located in a particularly run-down section of town about a quarter mile from the Ankh-Morpork Post Office.

The location of the trust, given in The Compleat Ankh-Morpork, is Prentice Spaw* (G2), in Dolly Sisters.

Their motto (translated): By Our Own Hand, Or None. This organization first appears in Going Postal, and has so far freed a few dozen Golems, extracting them from all sorts of deep holes underground or walled-off rooms.

A previous attempt by the Golems to free themselves was chronicled in Feet of Clay, which only resulted in the freedom of Dorfl, who now works for the Watch as a result of Carrot giving him to himself. However, in Going Postal we learn that Dorfl was successful, and he bought at least two other Golems, which was the start of the Golem trust.

In Making Money we learn that Adora Belle Dearheart along with a number of golems from the Trust has been sent on a mission by the Golem Trust to help unearth a great number of the original golems from the ancient civilization Um, now buried underground, although she originally believed she was looking for 4 gold golems. These golems contain no chem and thus cannot technically be freed, however.