Great Maze of Sto Lat

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The family occupying Sto Lat castle wanted a maze. This is a perfectly respectable ambition for a noble family and comparatively harmless, when you think of some of the things they could be blowing their income on. But they made the fundamental error of commissioning Bergholt Stuttley Johnson to design and build it. As Mrs Georgina Bradshaw pointed out in her work, this was a disaster waiting to happen.

The Great Maze is currently closed to the public and expeditions are being sent in to rescue starving visitors who cannot find the exit. The spectacle of food parcels being thrown over the outer hedge to sustain the starving within was thought to be bad publicity.

It has also been reported that a family of lost Dwarfs resorted to tunnelling their way out, all other avenues of escape having been tried and failed.

Part of the problem, as Mrs Bradshaw reported, is that the original plan, as preserved in the castle museum, had originally been used to sketch out a plan for a cruet set. Further confusion was added by many coffee-cup rings and part of a note written on it from Mrs Johnson to her chambermaid, all of which were faithfully incorporated into the Maze design.