Great Pyramid of Tsort

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Once located in the kingdom of Tsort, but long since gone, this was the largest of the pyramids of Tsort. The pyramid was said to have held the wisdom of Tsort from ages past, and comprised of 1,003,010 blocks of limestone, built over 60 years and cost the lives of thousands of slaves.

Inscribed on the interior of its walls in hieroglyphs was an ancient prophecy, known only to Death, detailing how the world was going to be destroyed if the Eight Great Spells of the Octavo weren't said on Hogswatch of one year in the Century of the Fruitbat. A small and unregarded book, Iyt Gryet Teymple hyte Tsort, Y Hiystory Myistical, in the Unseen University Library also explained the prophecy and the reward for saving the world.

The prophecy promised that whoever succeeded in reading all the spells at the correct time and saving the disc would be granted their hearts desire. This lead the ambitious wizard Ymper Trymon to attempt to gain all Eight Spells by Hogswatch, and as the discworld moved onto a collision course with the red star it seemed as if the prophecy were coming true.

But in the end Trymon was consumed by the dark horrors of the dungeon dimensions, and it was Rincewind who read the spells, unknowing of the reward. He did save the disc, but all he ever wanted was to be a wizard. He is currently at the Unseen University in the post of Egregious Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography, so perhaps he did get his wish after all.