Guild of Embalmers and Allied Trades

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Presumably the Disc's trade organisation for embalmers, funeral directors, undertakers, gravediggers and all those unsung performers of the seventh work of mercy. There is, or was, a Djelibeybian branch, called the Natron Lodge: Dil the master embalmer is not only a member but holds the rank of Keeper of the Left-Hand Door.

Whether Dil is still a member after transferring his trade skills to the stuffing of olives, and incidentally inventing the pimento-stuffed cocktail olive, is yet to be revealed.

In the Igor edition of Discworld Diary, a letter from Guild President Oscar Venting to Lord Vetinari voices the Guild's concern about the increasing number of cadavers which are being turned over for their services with their salvageable parts already missing. Laudable though Igors' life-saving efforts may be, it does make this Guild's duties rather difficult, particularly when bodies which they've been asked to attend are found sitting up alive, sparks of residual static still crackling in their hair.