Happy Landings

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A series of towns extremely deep in Long Earth inhabited by both humans and trolls for many centuries, with most of the humans getting there by accident. New human arrivals are welcomed by the inhabitants. The buildings are unusual- although, at first glance, it seems new, the architecture at the base is virtually Roman. Things are too nice there; there are no arguments, and no sign of violence whatsoever. To Joshua Valienté, it is like one of those dreams where things seem too normal, too idyllic.

Curiously, the main township is at the same place as Humptulips would be if this was the Datum- although the name is not to be confused with the other Humptulips...


Natural Steppers from all periods of Datum Earth's history have found their way here, and elected to stay. This suggests Tanelorn in Michael Moorcock's opus, a city founded by free spirits from all parts and phases of the Multiverse who chose to renounce the old Gods. But Tanelorn was attacked by things of Chaos...