Herpetine Triskeles

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Mentioned in Pyramids, Herpetine Triskeles is the supreme god of Djelibeybi's afterlife, the Netherworld... or, at least, he is one of them; there are at least four. Each is supreme, and Dios knows this in the core of his being. For him there is no conflict.


Hermes Trismegistus was a "composite god" who was synthesised out of elements of Greek and later Egyptian mythology and who was actively worshipped well into the years A.D. He is a composite of Hermes, the Greek messenger god (think Fedecks) who, as the Pyschopomp, delivered souls to the Underworld. The Egyptian half is the god Thoth, the post-mortem judge who weighed the souls of the dead against the feather of Truth and pronounced sentence.

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