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Dr Hopkins is the slightly worried-looking secretary of the Clockmakers' Guild.

The biggest single reason for his perpetual, and well-founded, expression of worry is the welfare of Jeremy Clockson. A very good reason why Dr Hopkins brings to mind the neurotic and hyper-punctual character of the White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland (apart from his generally inoffensive and ineffectual rodent-like demeanour), is that he very genuinely has a very important date that he cannot be late for.

Unless he is on time, every time, without fail, to supervise Jeremy's medication, there could very well be another case of "off with somebody else's head...

Dr Hopkins runs his own business on Weigh House Lane* (H3), advertising a speciality in "novelty clocks for the discerning gentleman". Weigh House Lane runs parallel to the Street of Cunning Artificers and can be accessed from either Carey Street* or Black Lions Road* which run off Cunning Artificers.