Iradne Comb-Buttworthy

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An authoress of trashy romantic novels. Think Mills and Boon1 for a Roundworld reference, or to the bodice-ripping oeuvre of Dame Barbara Cartland. (Princess Diana's step-grandmother, who wrote trashy romantic novels and always dressed in pink.)

Much loved and used for consolation by readers like Glenda Sugarbean and other women, such as the younger Miss Drapes, too busy or too shy for romance. Tiffany Aching once tried to read a typical such book. But its depiction of farm life was unconvincing, the sheep were inexpertly and scantily described, and it was obvious the author did not have a clue.

It is entirely possible, on the general trend of such things, for "Iradne Comb-Buttworthy" to be a nom de plume.

After all, one of the greatest Western writers on Roundworld, J.T. Edson, was revealed to be a civil servant from Surrey who'd never visited the United States, let alone the Texas range, in his life..

It is also suggested that this name may be an anagram, and Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler is only 2 letters away to fit it.

Dame Comb-Buttworthy's publishers are listed as Velmans and Jones.

1 N. American: Harlequin romances