Jim Russo

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If the belief that, due to the unusual workings of the multiverse, and, most likely, quantum, is true, and the Dibbler-esque character occurs in all of the habitable worlds, than one would have to look far to find someone who has the same amount of bad yet keen entrepreneur skills as Jim Russo in The Long Earth novels.

Jim, already the veteran of countless failed money-making schemes, first tried to use the technology of the Stepper to try to mind gold, and find that same stream of gold ore that James Marshall found in 1884. It would have worked, too, but for one flaw- other people had the same idea. The sudden availability of gold made it virtually valueless. It was now merely a faintly shiny gemstone.

Upset at this failing, he decided to bounce back seven years later by opening the Long Earth Trading Company. It's initial purpose was for cutting and transporting logs, brass and other valuable materials, but as iron was not available it was forced to be made more old-fashioned- like a steampunk factory theme park.