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Jimbo was the lead "guitarist" of the Music With Rocks In band variously known as:

  • Insanity (e.g. Madness)
  • Suck (e.g. Kiss)
  • The Whom (a rather more grammatically correct version of The Who)
  • The Blots (e.g. The Ink Spots)
  • Lead Balloon (e.g. Led Zeppelin)
  • The Surreptitious Fabric (e.g. the Velvet Underground)
  • Ande Supporting Bandes

At one point he remarked that he'd broken a string, but this meant only that he was one-sixth less incompetent, as he could play five strings equally as ineptly as six.

He and his "band"mates come to a prominence of sorts during the events of Soul Music, where they are responsible for two riots - one at the Cavern Club and one at the free festival organised specifically to promote The Band With Rocks In.


Presumably a reference to Jimi Hendrix, the American guitarist and singer-songwriter. He is widely considered to be the greatest electric guitarist in the history of music, and one of the most influential musicians of his era across a range of genres.