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Founder of the Old Kingdom of Djelibeybi, Khuft was a camel herder on the run who stumbled on the newly cycled Djel river and Dios. He became the 1st Pharaoh of more than 1300 to rule the kingdom.

Khuft was a small dark man with two blackened stumps of teeth, wearing a ragged loincloth. Trailed by his family and his camels, he fled into the desert after being discovered selling second-hand camels with plaster teeth. Stumbling about dying of heat and thirst he was bewildered to find a hundred miles of newly arrived river valley in the middle of the desert where no-one had seen it before.

Dios, aided by his staff carved with the Worm Ouroubos, advised first Khuft and then his successors on the importance of gods and pyramids as he had done for the last / next 7000 years.

Statues show Khuft as a majestic patriarch with a commanding expression and a firm chin, which can only be construed as public relations.


Khufu – Greek / Ephebian Cheops – was the 2nd Pharaoh of the 4th dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. The Old Kingdom is known as "The Age of the Pyramids", when building in stone really took off and the majority of the pyramids were built. Mummification before interment became the norm for those of importance. During this time period the fertile Nile valley first rose in success and influence, then faded into relative insignificance, much like the Old Kingdom of Djelibeybi. Khufu is famous as the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza. As a God King his funery rites were observed for some 2000 years. He is recorded as a cruel king who found time to father 24 children!