King's Legs

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At the pointed request of Tiffany Aching, the Nac Mac Feegle revisted a scene of havoc which they and Wee Mad Arthur had brought about at the King's Head in Ankh-Morpork.

Using their hitherto unsuspected talent for reassembling and generally making good - they had already surprised Tiffany and a hapless coachman by turning thousands of broken glass shards back into a tasteless mirrored ball to be hung over a dancefloor - the Feegle, assisted by Arthur, rebuilt the pub.

But the only one to notice they'd rebuilt it back-to-front was Daft Wullie. To suit the new ambience, a new pub sign appeared, which nobody will own up to painting, which after some consideration was called The King's Legs.

The King in question, from context in I Shall Wear Midnight, would appear to be Lorenzo the Kind, described as a none-too clean man in a dirty wig with a huge boil on the back of his neck. As the pub sign makes only too apparent.

It is still listed as the King's Head ("the change of name has not been confirmed") in the The Compleat Ankh-Morpork trade directory. This also notes that the premises have recently been reconstructed using all the materials from the original building.