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The Kung originate from the Kung Homeworld, a very wet planet with vast tidal pressures caused by a large moon and a small but close sun. The main inhabitants apart from the Kung are a multitude of fungi. Despite local conditions they have begun to develop a tourist industry and have a bar at Line-Top called the Broken Drum (well, you can't beat it).

Kung male are very male and Kung female are very female. As a result there is almost no gender politics but males can be very attractive to other races. It should also be noted that Kung have almost no sense of humour. They also believe that when a child is born the nearest non-corporeal spirit will inhabit the new body.

The kung average 7' tall and have 4 fingers on each hand and are somewhat skeletal in appearance with small powerful muscles. The have large eyes like saucers and a red coxcomb on their heads.

Many in the warrior caste have also been genetically altered to give them an extra set of arms and have extremely fast reflexes. They appear to have a kind of racial paranoia and believe that everyone is out to get them. As a result they have developed the ability to go without sleep for weeks on end.