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One of those obscure words, possibly out of Brindisian, which have the power to depress Vetinari when happened upon in the Ankh-Morpork Times crossword. Moist von Lipwig and Drumknott both misunderstand the cause for his ill-at-ease and Drumknott even goes so far as to express his conviction that there is no such word, and that the crossword compiler only made it up so as to vex and torment Vetinari, thus breaking the unwritten rules of the game. Drumknott grew very indignant about this, and threatened to write in complaint to the Times' editor. Moist ventured to suspect that a word, whose pronunciation and spelling were so much at odds with each other, was in itself quite sneaky.

Actually lagniappe is a word with a secure footing in any Italian dictionary and which is known at least in North American English. A lagniappe is the word for the free gift received when you agree to buy something from a vendor, a small token something like a thirteenth doughnut on top of the agreed dozen. It can also be a bribe, an inducement to an individual with serious purchasing power to spend their money with this supplier.....