Lancrastian Army Knife

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The creation of Shawn Ogg, advised by King Verence II. A small device for everything a soldier in the field needs, like nose-hair tweezers. Verence II took an active interest in the project, leading to lots of notes for Shawn Ogg. He had to tactfully lose most of them, due to the size restrictions for a pocket knife. Amongst the options the king wanted was a small tool for winning ontological arguments quickly...


This is the Disc's interpretation of Roundworld's "Swiss Army Knife".

There is another annotation worthy of remark here:- Queen Victoria's consort, Prince Albert, interested himself in the minutiae of the running of the British Army to such an extent that he plagued his wife's generals with a barrage of wholly impractical suggestions, which had to be tactfully lost or otherwise fended off, as not even a field-marshal can tell the monarch's consort where to get off with interfering in the work of the professionals. Albert was allowed one or two little triumphs, such as the adoption of his design for a piece of campaign headwear, but was in the main politely sidestepped.