Lancre Wowhawk

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Few birds can sit more meekly than the Lancre wowhawk, also named the lappet-faced worrier(1) - a carnivore permanently on the lookout for the vegetarian option. It is small and shortsighted and prefers to walk everywhere. Faints at the sight of blood. About twenty wowhawks could kill a pigeon, if it was a sick pigeon. It often falls asleep upside down.

It is the hereditary right of the Queens of Lancre to fly a Wowhawk - or at least have one hang limply from their gauntlet in official portraiture.

(1)The Proper Bird-Fancying Name suggests that it has wattles. These are associated with despised fowl with pejorative names: turkeys and chickens, which we eat, and even more despised vultures, because we don't. "Worrier" is one which attacks by biting and shaking or holding on (even upside-down.)