Lionel Samson

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Master and Commander
Name Lionel Samson
Race English
Age 45, in Nation
Occupation Captain of the Cutty Wren
Physical appearance
Parents Mr & Mrs Bertie Samson
Marital Status married
Books Nation

Captain Lionel Samson is the master of the Cutty Wren, one of the great tall ships of The Company that carry the world of Nation's British Empire around the globe, and the spoils back. At the beginning of Nation, he has just returned from a voyage to find England devastated by the Russian influenza. The Throne's shadowy protectors the Gentlemen of Last Resort meet him at the dock with his employer Sir Geoffrey, chairman of The Company. This intimidating group requires him, without setting foot on the dock, to set off again and make all possible speed to Port Mercia in the South Seas to fetch the new king, Henry IX, recently Henry Fanshaw.

Despite the authority confronting him and the urgency of the errand, Samson is reluctant until the Gentlemen point out how much Mrs. Samson would appreciate the knighthood that would surely ensue (and do not mention how disappointed she would be to lose her chance at being Lady Samson). Captain Samson executes the mission flawlessly, and presumably receives his knighthood at the first honours after Henry's coronation.