Lord Rodley

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Presumed to be the eldest son of Brenda Rodley, Her Grace the Dowager Duchess of Quirm.

The current holder of the title and custodian of the family fortunes, he is encountered in Mort as one of an indeterminate number of participants in the Serpent Dance which is performed to celebrate the birthday of an un-named Patrician. From context, a genial, plump, not overly intellectual, unemployed and over-rich idler of the sort we might describe as "Trustafarian".

From context, he is also Colonel of the family regiment, the Duke of Quirm's Middleweight Infantry.

Unfortunately for him, he is literally dancing with Death, who sobers him up by asking a lot of gauche questions about why humans dance, what does it do, what is it for, and so on. This incessant barrage of strange questions acts as a sobering influence on Rodley, who wonders about the surprisingly bony fingers holding his hips and the deadly leaden voice coming from behind him. Were he less stupid, he might have fired a neuron or two into making an unwelcome association. But as it is, he survives with only all sense of "Fun. This is fun. " draining away along with the effect of all the drink he has taken...